Terms & Conditions

We value clear, honest and friendly communication here at VoiceMailPro. In saying that, please excuse the legalese that follows.
By using the VoiceMailPro website and purchasing our products, we need you to agree to the following terms and conditions.


VoiceMailPro licenses its customers to use the provided audio for use in telephone voice mail systems subject to the customer’s compliance with the provisions of this agreement.
Audio purchased from VoiceMailPro may only be used with one mobile telephone account/number. Multiple mobile accounts will require separate licenses. Customers shall not use the provided audio in any way whatsoever other than use in telephone voice mail systems without first obtaining the written consent of VoiceMailPro which may be withheld in its absolute discretion.
Customers shall not sub-licence their rights under these terms and conditions without first obtaining the written consent of VoiceMailPro which may be withheld in its absolute discretion.
Customers acknowledge that save for the licence to use the audio for use in telephone voice mail systems, the terms and conditions do not convey any right, title or interest in the audio to the customer.
Customers are not permitted to sell, rent, give, lend or otherwise distribute content purchased on the VoiceMailPro website. This includes uploading to file-sharing services.

Sales and payment

As soon as the customer confirms their order on the VoiceMailPro website, including payment, our system notifies the studio to commence production of audio for the customer as specified in the submitted form.
The customer will be contacted by phone or email and asked to supply details including their mobile phone network and voicemail password, in order for the audio to be installed on their mobile phone voicemail service. Audio will then be installed on the customer's mobile phone voicemail service as soon as possible. If the customer does not wish to supply their mobile phone network and voicemail password, the produced audio will be emailed to them in MP3 format in order for the customer to complete the installation independent of VoiceMailPro.
If the customer choses a voice over from one of our voice talent, the customer verifies that the script to be recorded is the script submitted via the website form. Any alterations to the wording of the script after recording will incur a re-recording fee of $55.
If the customer wishes to have their own voice in the voicemail recording, they will be asked to email their voice recording to VoiceMailPro for professional audio post production.
Confirmation of the order by the customer automatically commences a transaction process outside of the VoiceMailPro site. Therefore, once an order has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled, even if the customer has not yet downloaded the audio purchased, without the written consent of VoiceMailPro which may be withheld in its absolute discretion.
Payment can be made via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. All payment details are sent via an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) internet connection.

Scope Of Service

We provide customers with audio for use in Australian telephone voice mail systems only. Any other costs associated with business marketing are entirely the customer’s responsibility and are outside this agreement. VoiceMailPro cannot and does not guarantee any response or sales from this service.
Upon purchase of one of VoiceMailPro’s voice messages, the audio will be sent via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) link to an email address provided by the customer, for download within 14 days. If at a later date the customer requires this Custom Made audio to be re-sent to them, this can be requested in writing via email, and audio will be re-sent within 7 days, again available for download within 14 days.
We do our best to ensure that all products provided by VoiceMailPro are free of errors, however we cannot promise this. If the customer encounters any errors, VoiceMailPro should be notified, and we will gladly try to rectify any problem with the audio.


VoiceMailPro may modify, suspend or terminate its service, or any part thereof, without notice to the customer, and will not be held liable to the customer if and when this occurs.


VoiceMailPro will not be responsible for, or incur any liability, as a result of delays or failures in delivering products to the customer in the event of strikes, riots, civil commotion, act or failure to act of any governmental authority, acts of terrorism, delays in or failure to deliver any products or materials by Internet Service Providers or other public or private transport, or any other act or occurrence beyond VoiceMailPro’s reasonable control.
Liability to customers over any part of our product offering will not in any event exceed the price charged for the same product/s.

Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia.
The products for sale on this website are intended for use within Australia. Accessing this website from countries where its contents are illegal is not permitted.


We may update these terms and conditions, and will publish any updates on this page. We recommend reading these terms and conditions before each purchase.
If you would like any further information, or have any queries, problems or complaints in relation to these terms and conditions, please contact us on:
Telephone: 0431 717 028 Email: studio@voicemailpro.com.au